Children’s Dental Care

Childrens dental careWe are pleased to welcome young patients for whom we provide dental care under the NHS up to the age of 18 or, if in full time education, then up to the age of 19.
We advise you to bring your children from as early an age as possible to allow them to grow and develop with excellent dental care from the beginning. We will encourage them to practice good oral hygiene and eating habits to prevent dental problems from developing. We can provide a full range of preventive care including fluoride treatments, fissure seals and tailored advice from our own Dental Health Advisor.

“… Friendly family based clinic, wonderful staff, fantastic service throughout!”

Future Developments

We will monitor the development and growth of teeth and we can provide orthodontic treatment under the NHS for children whose teeth are misaligned and warrant treatment.
Orthodontic treatment is carried out at our surgery by Adrian Dunning who is accredited as a Dental Practitioner with a Special Interest by Derbyshire County Medical Directorate.