A guide to treatment prices…

This list contains only a few of the more frequent items of treatment and is intended to provide a guide to possible treatment costs. Prices will depend on a combination of time needed for treatment and the choice of materials.

Membership of the practice’s Dental Care Plan is encouraged as it provides you with all the dental health checks, hygiene visits and x-rays necessary to maintain your dental health. Members are also entitled to a 20% discount on further treatment fees such as tooth whitening!

Plan Details

These plans and individual patient need will be discussed fully on the initial appointment. The plan can be changed at any time as prescribed by the Dentist or on the request of the patient. Fees can be paid monthly by Direct Debit or annually by Cheque or Direct Debit.

If you wish to discuss any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact any member of our reception team and they will be pleased to assist.

To view our pricing table, please click here to download a PDF.

A Guide to Treatment Prices

Initial treatment

New patient assessment

Examination and hygiene

Hygiene with hygienist

Small x ray

Plan price

included on plan

included on plan

included on plan






Member Savings


Metal amalgam

White composite

Root filling (depends on how many root canals)

from £85.00

from £90.00

from £364.00

from £102.00

from £108.00

from £437.00





Porcelain bonded to precious metal crown

Bridge per tooth (porcelain bonded)

Porcelain veneer











Single implant and crown

from £2500.00

Tooth Whitening

Home whitening with tray system





Acrylic full upper and lower dentures

Single acrylic denture

Cobalt chromium metal based denture

from £555.00

from £413.00

from £483.00

from £694.00

from £517.00

from £604.00





Fixed brace with metal brackets

Fixed brace with tooth coloured brackets

Clear aligners

from £1800.00

from £2200.00

from £4300.00

from £2250.00

from £2750.00

from £4800.00